Chiswick Stories

Here you'll find what's growing in our kitchen garden, behind the scenes tips, seasonal recipes and handy how-to guides. 

Summer 2019

Nicola's favourite artworks from Masters of Modern Art

Our highly passionate Restaurant Manager Nicola Somerville shares her three favourite works from the blockbuster exhibition, Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, now on at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Autumn recipe

Fig Jam

Chef Tim Brindley from Chiswick at the Gallery and Chef Tom Haynes from Chiswick Woollahra share this by using up some leftover seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal produce

The Chiswick Veggie Van

The core philosophy of Chiswick is the value of Planted to Plated - fresh and seasonal ingredients being used to influence what is cooked in the kitchen. Matt Moran and Chiswick Head Chef Tom Haynes drive the Chiswick Veggie Van across Sydney to bring their important message of Planted to Plated by delivering fresh veggies for free. 

Gardening tips

The high-rise veggie patch: the future of homegrown

Times have changed for the Aussie city-dweller. The quarter acre block is a dream of decades ago. Apartment living is in. But life without a backyard doesn’t mean a lifelong sentence of store-bought lettuce, it’s possible to create a thriving edible garden in the confines of the concrete jungle. All you need is a balcony – even a window ledge will do!