Our highly passionate Restaurant Manager Nicola Somerville shares her three favourite works from the blockbuster exhibition, Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage, now on at the Art Gallery of NSW.


Claude Monet’s Poppy Field (1890/91)

I love the way the impressionist artists make you, the viewer, feel like you’re there with them. Staring through this picture frame, I am transported to Monet’s poppy field. The haze over the painting makes me feel like I am squinting my eyes against the glare from the hot sun, baking down over Giverny. I can smell the grass and poppies as a warm breeze rolls over the hill.


Paul Cezanne’s Fruit (1879/80)

Cezanne’s still-life, depicting bread and citrus placed amongst folded napkins, is reminiscent of the joys of receiving hospitality as a guest. It reminds me of how the delivery of a dish can make the customer feel. The painting is evocative of a memory from a past European holiday, letting time slip away whilst enjoying a meal and wine with great company.




Henri Manguin Morning in Cavaliere (1906)

The bright shades of pink, green and blue in Manguin’s painting seem to be celebrating spring and summer. The colours and trees are really reminiscent of a walk near my parents’ house around Taronga Zoo. I can imagine that I am that woman reclining on a large rock, peeking through the eucalyptus trees down to the water’s edge, taking a break from a hot midday walk down by the foreshore.




If you were matching each of these artworks with a dish from the Chiswick menu what would those three dishes be?

Poppy Field – Beetroot tart, goats cheese $22

Fruit – Caramelised pear tart fine, calvados cream $16

Morning in Cavaliere – Grilled prawns, spiced peanut, lime $28

Claude Monet, Poppy Field (Giverny) 1890/91