Current exhibitions



the abstract sublime
until 17 Feb 2019

Melanesian art: redux 
until 17 Feb 2019

Noŋgirrŋa Marawili 
from my heart and mind
until 24 Feb 2019

Yona Lee 
in transit (double-function form)
until 24 Feb 2019

Masters of modern art from the Hermitage 
until 3 Mar 2019
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Judy Watson 
the edge of memory
until 17 Mar 2019

William Kentridge 
that which we do not remember
until 24 Mar 2019

Brett Whiteley 
drawing is everything
until 31 Mar 2019

Chinese bible 
revolution and art in China
until 28 Apr 2019

Heaven and earth in Chinese art 
treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
2 Feb – 5 May 2019




Image credits:

Image 2: Left to right: Qing dynasty 1644–1911, Meat-shaped stone; Ming dynasty 1368–1644, Portrait of the Hongzhi Emperor. The National Palace Museum, Taipei. Photos: © National Palace Museum, Taipei


Image 3: Paul Gauguin 'The month of Mary (Te avae no Maria)' 1899 (detail)