Food Station

Oyster Bar


Selection of local Sydney rock served with aged vinegar mignonette, wakame salad, lemon wedges.



Poke Bar


Selection of raw tuna, kingfish and salmon served with radish, cucumber, yuzu sesame, cress, brown rice and Japanese dressing.





Selection of cured meats including prosciutto, bresaola, fennel salami and coppa, with cornichons, caper berries and stuffed peppers served with rustic breads, grissini and mustard pots.



Chiswick Deli


Selection of rustic breads with deli-sliced prager ham, pastrami and smoked chicken served with dill pickles, a selection of mustards and vintage cheddar and soft brie.

Garden Canteen Station


Scones with jam and cream, berry tarts, croissants, pain au chocolate, muffins, selection of gourmet rolls and seasonal salads.



High Tea Station


Selection of finger sandwiches, scones, macarons, mini friands, muffins and lemon tart and mini quiche.



Dessert Bar


Selection of four dessert canapé items.



Australian and Imported Cheese


Cheddar, brie, blue and goat varieties served with grapes, prune and walnut loaf, quince paste, lavosh and a selection of different crackers.