The Archibald Dining Package 

Our Archibald Dining Package is available from 26 September 2020 to 10 January 2021. 



Two courses $64
Main + Dessert + Ticket to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2020 exhibition 


Three courses $72
Nibbles + Main + Dessert + Ticket to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2020 exhibition 



Ticket collection: Please make a note in your booking what time you would like to enter the Archibald exhibition and we will have your tickets ready to collect at the Chiswick at the Gallery host stand.



We are once again thrilled to collaborate with finalists in the Archibald Prize exhibition for our Dining Package. Matt Moran and Head Chef Tim Brindley have created dishes inspired by their stories and each month, we will celebrate different artists.


We have launched the package with finalists Tianli Zu, Jane Guthleben and Jonathan Dalton.  


As this year was so different to years gone past, with the upheaval of all our lives due to COVID, we wanted to find out what the artists did during lock down. Jonathan Dalton became a new dad. He also spent a lot of time baking. So our chefs have included a house made focaccia with Jonathan’s favourite ingredient…garlic!


Tianli Zu used to love watching her grandmother cook when she was a child. It was from her grandmother that she learnt that “cooking is like any other art – you need to find balance.” Whilst Tianli has not been able to travel much this year, when she does, the food that she craves the most when having been away from Australia is seafood, in particular barramundi. Tim and Matt have created a balanced and beautiful dish featuring barramundi paired with the best spring veggies around; zucchini and broad beans.


And finally, Jane Guthleben, like Matt Moran grew up on farm but now call the city of Sydney home. Jane and Matt also have a love of chocolate in common. So we have created a decadent Valhrona chocolate mousse with almond and orange…sure to fix any chocolate craving.


Rosemary focaccia, garlic, chili oil (v)

     * Inspired by Jonathan Dalton
Barra-masalata, crispy bits  (df, nf)  





Roasted pumpkin, spiced pecan, kale, whipped yoghurt (vg)




Barramundi, zucchini, broad bean, sorrel (df, gf)

     * Inspired by Tianli Zu





Valrhona chocolate mousse, almond, orange 
     * Inspired by Jane Guthleben




Coconut sorbet, caramlised pineapple (gf, df, vg)




Chiswick green salad (vg, gf)  12

Seasonal greens, lemon oil, black pepper (vg, gf)  12

Crunchy chips, ranch dip, celery salt (v)  12

About The Finalists

Title: Angela

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton's work is concerned with the delicate observation of nuanced drama and subtle symbolism.

Each piece is an expression of a charged moment - often ambiguous, frequently troubling, always refusing to submit to closure. 

Title: Tim and kelp

Tianli Zu

Tianli Zu has an incredibly diverse practice comprising papercuts, sculpture, painting, animation and installation. She has spent over thirty years in Australia telling stories that convey philosophical ideas combining the old and new, nature and technology, the East and West.

Title: Annabel, the baker

Jane Guthleben

Jane Guthleben has been a finalist in many awards including the Salon des Refuses, Mosman Art Prize, Ravenswood Art Prize and Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Award. Jane is fascinated with 17th Century Dutch still life painting and how to reimagine it in an Australian context.